Kamis, 17 Februari 2011


Means play with rope, all clothing there must be a touch of rope in every detail. Enjoy our ultimate collections, nude colors, unique cutting and many more. Its fuuun!!!

Cage Top 175 IDR
Peach Boxy Top 165 IDR
Black Boxy Top 165 IDR
Mea Shirt 175 IDR
Tule Dress 185 IDR (Black & Peach)
Mea Blazer 185 IDR
Cute Mea Dress 185 IDR
Mea Cardi 175 IDR
Mea Drap Dress 175 IDR
White Chiffon Mea 165 IDR

Batwing Outer 185 IDR


Our 1st lookbook full with amazing stuff to indulge your fashion sense! Edgy yet affordable dresses - unique yet comfortable tees and many more!! We hope you'll enjoy the collection..

                                                              Polka Block Pants 185 IDR
                                                    Knots Dress in Stripes 180 IDR (SOLD)
                                                    Knots Dress in Black 180 IDR (SOLD)
                                                      Color Blocking Purple Dress 180 IDR
                                                         Shoulder Detail in Black 180 IDR
                                                         Shoulder Detail in Grey 180 IDR
                                                             Black Drap Dress 180 IDR
                                                      Color Blocking Tees 90 IDR (SOLD)
                                                            Flare Skirt 180 IDR (SOLD)
                                                               Black Drap Cardi 145 IDR
                                                           Color Blocking Legging 150 IDR

                                                               Grey Drap Cardi 145 IDR
                                                Color Blocking Sweeter 135 IDR (1 last piece)
                                                    Color Blocking Blazer 180 IDR (SOLD)
                                                        Triple Block Tees 95 IDR (SOLD)

                                                        Color Blocking Sleeveless 85 IDR